Silver graphite (AgC)

Manufacturing process and delivery forms:

AgC from SAXONIA is manufactured by blending of silver and graphite powder, compaction, sintering, extruding and rolling. The deformation results in the alignment of graphite particles along the direction of the extrusion and rolling.

Products are available with a brazeable silver side produced by decarburization. Pre-soldered profiles and tips are available.

Key features:

  • best anti-welding properties of all contat materials on mkae with C.contents of 3% and higher
  • best protection against contact welding of closed contacts under short circuit currents
  • low erosion on make
  • low contact resistance
  • inferior arc migration properties


  • circuit breakers
  • earth leakage breakers
  • miniature circuit breakers
  • motor protection circuit breakers

Download Datasheet: Silver Graphite