We are an industry leader,
so you can learn from us and benefit from our
expertise to optimise your performance in joining technology.


We can offer you in-depth advice on the finer points of brazing as well as on the use of highly pure materials to help you achieve the maximum optimisation of your production processes. As a leading manufacturer and provider of brazing alloys, solders, fluxes, pastes and high-purity materials, we are happy to share our extensive experience with you. Whether you are looking for advice on selecting materials, optimising processes or developing specific solutions, our experienced staff are available to advise and assist you as well as support you on the path to achieving first-class results with our products.

Impressions of our Analysis Centre

Here you can get an impression of some of the methods we use for analysis and heating. At our highly modern analysis centre, we are in a position to supply an accurate description of the type and composition of your joining materials or the layer that has been applied. Based on the process parameters determined in the analysis, you can then reliably define your own production parameters.


Brazing is a complex skill. It is important to learn how to apply them. We are experts in brazing materials as well as joining technologies and we are happy to provide your employees with both theoretical and practical training.
Whether you are looking for group seminars for an entire department at your company or in-house training for individual employees, we can teach your staff everything they need to know about joining technology and practical brazing skills in modern applications.
Customised training courses  can also be arranged. The next seminar on brazing is scheduled to take place on


This is a special service we offer our customers. We will send you your requested material safety data sheets in the language of your choice. There you can print out the latest version of the safety data sheets for all products.


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